How to set up Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)

You must know your current working password to set up Self-Service Password Reset. If you do not, your local HR Representative can help you set up SSPR during normal business hours

Step 1:
Click on “CONTINUE TO SETUP” at the bottom of this page. Enter your username
(ex., ex.
and your current password.

Step 2:
Once logged in, if you have not enrolled in SSPR already, you will see a notification like this:

Step 3:
Click Next and enter your phone number. Select “Text me a code” and click Next.

Step 4:
Enter the code that you received on your phone, click Next.

Step 5:
Enter your personal email
(we will not use this to contact you, this is ONLY for Self-Service Password Reset).
Click Next.

Step 6 (optional)
Set up security questions, which is optional if you have already provided your phone number and email address.

Once you click “CONTINUE TO SETUP” below, and complete the steps in this tutorial you will have set up Self-Service Password Reset.