How to Reset my Password


You must have previously set up Self-Service Password Reset to follow this tutorial!

If you are already locked out, forgot your password, or your password is expired, and you have NOT set up SSPR, then you will need to request assistance from your local HR Representative during normal business hours.

Step 1:
Click “RESET MY PASSWORD” at the bottom of this page.
Enter your username
(ex., ex.
and fill in the Captcha letters. Click Next.

Step 2:
Enter the phone number that you registered with SSPR (Most likely your cell phone). Click “Text”

Step 3:
Enter the code that you received on your phone, click Next.

Second Verification:
If you provided your personal email when registering for SSPR, you will need to provide a code sent to your personal email address as the 2nd Verification.
If you provided Security Questions when registering, you can answer those questions as the 2nd Verification.

Choose a New Password:
If you have passed the 1st and 2nd Verification steps, you should see a prompt for a new password.
Enter a new complex password (and re-enter for the confirmation), then click Finish.

Note: A complex password is required! This a minimum length of 8 characters, and containing at least one Uppercase letter, one Lowercase letter, one number, one symbol (ex: !#@$%^)

Congratulations you have reset your password!

Once you click “RESET MY PASSWORD” below, and complete the steps in this tutorial you will have reset your password (without the Service Desk!)