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Liquid Products

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With its innovative array of sauces, dressings and condiments, syrups and toppings, dairy-based beverages and ice cream, Golden State Foods provides quality-rich liquid products to a variety of leading customers worldwide.

Golden State Foods produces more than 50 million cases (1 billion pounds) of liquid products each year from its seven international facilities. The company has been creating and processing liquid products since the early 1970s, consistently meeting rigorous standards for delivering liquid products to the international foodservice and retail markets.

Golden State Foods produces nearly 50 million cases (1 billion pounds) of liquid products each year from its six facilities.

GSF has developed hundreds of liquid product formulas and innovations for Quick Service Restaurants and retail customers with a variety of quantity and packaging options. In small packaging alone, each year, the company produces more than 5 billion dipping cups and 33 billion portion packs!

GSF’s liquid products standard of excellence extends throughout the QSR and retail industries and throughout the world. The company has been recognized as “Supplier of the Year” by a number of global leaders in the food service industry.

GSF services the top tier of QSR customers throughout the U.S. The company has developed or matched multiple signature products for an array of industry leaders.

Dairy and Aseptic Processing
Through its acquisition of KanPak® LLC, GSF produces an array of dairy-based products such as soft-service ice cream, smoothies, coffee creamers, specialty beverages and extended shelf-life products. These products are found in a variety of convenience stores, super stores, Quick Service Restaurants, and retail grocery stores.

Retail Brands and Service
Beyond the Quick Service Restaurant Industry, GSF co-packs many of its liquid products for leading retail customers throughout the U.S. International retail brands include Frenchmaid, Kiwi Style and In-House Systems.

Quality and Food Safety Standards
As a worldwide leader in product quality, GSF and its food scientists ensure product quality, reliable processing techniques, and ingredient quality to all customers around the globe. The company uses both internal and external audits to monitor and maintain quality and food safety standards. Each GSF processing plant has a fully-staffed quality assurance laboratory, which monitors quality throughout the production process and performs tests on finished products. All of GSF’s liquid product manufacturing sites are certified under the Global Food Safety Initiative (GSFI).