Social Responsibility

Caring, Collaboration and Community

GSF supports a positive workplace environment that respects the dignity of our associates and values our customers and the communities in which we operate. The company believes that each associate’s knowledge, skills and contributions are integral to our organizational capability and competitive advantage. It embraces associates from many backgrounds and perspectives, creating a rich tapestry of collaboration to best serve our customers. GSF strives to encourage a productive culture of balance and well-being for all of its associates, providing programs and practices that encourage health and safety. Likewise, the company also leads and positively impacts the community through its sustainable, environmental practices and its charitable service to children and families in need through the GSF Foundation.

To learn more about the development and ongoing initiatives of our ESG program at Golden State Foods, download our inaugural ESG report here.

“We believe in going beyond expected business practices to embrace our responsibility to people and the planet. Fundamentally, this is who we strive to be as a company.”

– Mark Wetterau, former Chairman and CEO


Greener Environment

At Golden State Foods, corporate social responsibility and sustainability are the continued embodiment of the company’s Creed and Values, fostering a culture that supports the well-being of all. Embracing responsibility to future generations, GSF ensures that sustainable practices are at the heart of its business. As part of its efforts to be a better steward of our natural resources,

Golden State has already achieved the following:

  • ISO 14001 Certification at 50% of domestic facilities
  • Hydrogen fuel cells used to power material handling equipment
  • Rainwater is used to irrigate native vegetation at select facilities

GSF is also a shareholder in Renewable Energy Group (REG), the world’s largest producer of biodiesel fuel made from recycled feedstock. REG purchases used cooking oil and converts it to biodiesel. Golden State Foods purchases the biodiesel to provide some of the fuel for its distribution fleet across the country.

Golden State Food is committed to continuous improvement and integrating environmental sustainability into our corporate culture. Through careful analysis, the company is currently refining its overarching strategic goals for reducing the company’s carbon footprint, generating zero waste to landfill, achieving Energy Star, LEED, or equivalent green building certifications, incorporating renewable energy/alternative fuel in GSF’s fleet, and actively engaging associates in sustainability and corporate social responsibility best practices.


Diversity, Opportunity, and Inclusion

At Golden State Foods, diversity is a key component to the company’s sustained success. Diversity helps foster inclusiveness, encourages innovation, improves decision-making and broadens the scope of problem-solving. Committed to diversity and equal opportunity, Golden State Foods employs an ethnically diverse workforce including women, minorities and military personnel. 68% of the company’s U.S. workforce is comprised of women and minorities.

GSF’s Diversity Council, led by its Chairman and CEO Mark Wetterau, represents a cross-section of the company’s demographics. The Diversity Council helps to ensure that GSF achieves and sustains a diverse and inclusive environment where all associates may advance, contribute equally, and maximize best practices and innovation to best serve its customers.

76% of the company’s U.S. workforce is comprised of women and minorities, and 8% have military backgrounds:

  • 59% of GSF’s management partners are women and minorities
  • 56% of GSF distribution associates are women and minorities
  • 81% of GSF food processing associates are women and minorities


Giving Back

As part of its culture and heritage, Golden State Foods has demonstrated for decades the importance of contributing to others. Underscoring this ongoing effort, the GSF Foundation, established in 2002, is dedicated to improving the lives of children and families in need in communities where GSF associates live and work through personal involvement and contributions. The GSF Foundation is a natural extension of the company’s values-based business. Funded and run by GSF associate volunteers and supported by its business partners, community partners and customers, the GSF Foundation operates under the direction of an executive board, which includes national representation from local GSF volunteers. Because the GSF Foundation is volunteer-run, 100 percent of associates’ financial contributions go directly to help families in need. 80% of GSF associates participate in the GSF Foundation – one of the highest rates in corporate America! GSF associates are making an impact in 28 local chapters across the United States – uniting their hearts and hands for good. We welcome you to visit the foundation website at:

80% of GSF associates participate in the GSF Foundation, through volunteer service and/or financial donations.